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According to the information about the cars, which of the following is true?

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According to the picture, which of the following is not true?

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Celil: What are you watching?
Mehmet: A documentary about nature.
Celil: Nature? I guess it shows us how people pollute the environment.
Mehmet: Yeah, we need to protect our nature. We should ---------------.

Which of the following doesn’t complete the sentence?

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Last summer, I visited my uncle. He lived near a high mountain. There were amazing views and long trees. I climbed the trees and picked fruits from the trees. I walked in the forest. And we camped in the mountain. We stayed in a tent.

Which activity didn’t Jack do in his holiday?

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Larry: My father can examine patients. He is a …..
Daniel: My brother can sew nice clothes. He is a ….
Artyom: My mother cut, dye and design hair. She is a …..

Which of the following is extra?

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Tom: Dad, let’s get on the roller coaster.
Dad: ………………..It is too dangerous for you. Why don’t we ride the bumper cars?

Which of the following completes the sentence?

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According to the weather forecast, which of the following is not correct?

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David likes breakfast so much. Today, he has only 10 TL for breakfast. He wants to eat different things with his money. But he can take only one drink and he doesn’t like cornflakes.

Choose the best option for David

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Alice usually wakes up at half past nine. Then, she has breakfast at nine o’clock and she brushes her teeth at five past ten. After that, she goes to work at quarter past ten. She has lunch at 1 p.m.

Which of the following isn’t correct according to Alice’s daily life?


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Monica: Are you ready for the elections?
Ross: No, I am not. ------.
Monica: That’s nice. Will you give a speech?
Ross: I know. ----
Monica: -----You should try. People should trust you.
Ross: Then, can you help me preparing a speech? And, maybe I can practice it with you.
Monica: Why not?

Which of the following is not suitable for the dialogue?


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