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We are organizing a surprise birthday party for Pelin. Everything is almost ready. Onur arranges the music. Sinan buys the present for her. Ayşegül brings the party hats and beverages. That will be a lot of fun ☺

Which picture is not mentioned in the text?

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The table gives some words about appearance and personality. But there are some words missing. Which option may fill in the blanks in the table?

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Onur is asking questions to Sinan about sports

Which question does Onur not ask Sinan?

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Mine : We shouldn’t use plastic straws.
Meltem : Why?
Mine : Because …………………………………..

Choose the best option to complete the sentence.

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İkra: …………………….?
Nisa: I was at the post office.
İkra: ……………………?
Nisa: Yes, I did.
İkra: ……………………….?
Nisa: Only 6 Turkish Liras. It is really cheap.

Read the conversation above. Which of the following questions does not İkra ask to Nisa?

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Turkey is one of the most popular nesting place for Caretta Carettas along the Mediterranean. They are lovely sea creatures but they are likely to become endangered. The greatest threat is loss of nesting habitat due to human disturbances like pollution along the beach. We should keep the sea and nature for them.

Which of the following is not correct according to the text?

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There have been so many predictions about future for years. People will start to visit other planets for fun. There will be food pills for us to eat. Technology is growing so fast and the scientists achieve amazing things. These are amazing but on the other hand, we know that the seasons will change more and more, even now it’s so different. For example we will see snow in summer. And nowadays, whole world are fighting for coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Millions of people died because of that virus. That means, ………………

Complete the dialogue with the best option.

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Martin doesn’t prefer watching all kinds of programmes. One of the programmes he prefers, the contestants answer the questions to get points. And the other one is about new recipes, he mostly watches and takes notes about the recipes.

What time and which channel does Martin prefer watching according to the table?

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Which matching is wrong?

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Adile Naşit was born on June 17, 1930 in İstanbul, Turkey. She was a famous actress, known for İste Hayat (1975), Hababam Sınıfı Tatilde (1977) and Kibar Feyzo (1978). People loved all of her movies. She died on December 11, 1987 in İstanbul. She was known for her affection and love for children. She only had one child herself and also died at 12 years old due to a disease.

Which one is not correct according to the paragraph?


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